one stop LIVE Streaming solution company.

 meet ZOOM/ WEBINAR conference or Live stream your event on every social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter/Periscope etc.

COVID-19, Our Solution

Covid-19 has stopped the world to reach out Physically. We came up with a relevant solution.

We serve the ONLINE Conference needs of everyone in your company — from CEO/Head of Marketing to Distributor or brand representative. Our new product CON@CLOUD MCL aims to provide all company members with an incredible virtual CONFERENCE experience.

Key Feature

🔹 Web base log in.
🔹 Attendance Report.
🔹 Secure meeting.
🔹 Password base Entry.
🔹 Slide show presentation. 
🔹 Professional Camera & Sound.
🔹 100+ Participant.
🔹 Facebook/YouTube LIVE.


CLOUD MCL is a leading Live Streaming service house that is trusted by listed companies, governments, and non-profits in over 50 Organization. We have over 5 years LIVE Streaming support Experience. Our Valued client are BRAC, AKIJ GROUP, IGLOO, BANGLADESH VOLLEYBALL FEDERATION, SQUARE (Ruchi), ISPAHANI & many more.

We serve the online streaming & create 4K video production for OVC-

  • Facebook LIVE
  • YouTube LIVE
  • LinkedIn LIVE
  • Twitter/Periscope LIVE
  • Embeded Website LIVE
  • 4K Video Production & Editing
  • OVC (Online Video content)

Pro Equipment

Connect with us for your next Live program. We have a professional equipment for LIVE streaming solutions.
We ensure-

🔹 High Definition Camera.
🔹 High Definition Audio Quality.
🔹 Good Lighting Setup.
🔹 All software paid version.
🔹 Professional Equipment for Broadcast.

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Our Latest Work

In CLOUD MCL we are using Provide LIVE support from more than 1 years. It is part of our working tools and we can not imagine not to have it. We find it very useful especially to communicate with BRAC stakeholders.

Nazibul Sharker


Our 50+ Happy Client

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